Build wells. Change lives.

Water to Thrive works to bring clean, safe water
to those living in rural communities in Ethiopia, Uganda, and Tanzania.
Fifteen years, over 1,900 wells, and 900,000 lives changed forever.

Current Water Guardians: 51
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Current Campaigns

  • Water Guardian Campaign

    Have you ever wanted to amplify your level of impact and be a part of a special group of donors?  If so, this campaign is for you!  The Water Guardians sustain our operation and enable us to keep our 100 Percent Promise to put all water donations strictly to water projects.  Every dollar counts!


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  • Fresh Coffee to Clean Water Campaign

    Join Eden in raising funds for her 5th well and bring clean water to another Ethiopian community.  Eden Wild was born in a rural Ethiopian village.  Due to lack of clean water her birth mother passed away during childbirth.  Eden is extremely passionate about providing safe, clean water to the rural communities of Ethiopia.  A few years ago, she started a coffee company called Buna Tarik Roasters.  All proceeds go toward her well campaigns.  So far, Eden has fully fund four wells!

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  • Water to Thrive’s 15th Anniversary Campaign

    Fifteen years of clean water for rural East Africa! Thanks to you, we have changed the lives of over 810,000 people and built over 1,600 wells! We are celebrating by raising $15,000 for our operations, safeguarding our organization and its mission to build wells and change lives!

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Water to Thrive received THE PLATINUM TRANSPARENCY rating from GuideStar. View our profile here.

Working for Water

Water to Thrive transforms lives in rural Africa by bringing the sustainable blessing of clean, safe water to communities in need by connecting them to social investors, congregations, schools, individuals, and community groups with a heart to make a difference.

The Need for Water

Women and children walk for hours, miles each day. Waterborne diseases kill millions.
Children miss school.
Families are impoverished.


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Empowering Communities

We work with regional aid organizations to identify and implement water projects, and provide training to communities to help sustain the success of completed wells.


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Over 1,485 Wells Built. 700,000 Lives Changed.

As we approach our 15 Year Anniversary,

 we aim to fund 1,500 more!


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