Upcoming Rotary Trip

  It’s always so inspiring to follow the blog when we have a group over in Ethiopia. We loved following Susanne and her group back in June, and we’re gearing up for our final trip of 2017! We’re always excited for our travels to check on the progress of wells, but we’re particularly thrilled about this next trip. Susanne, Water To Thrive’s Executive Director, will be leading a group to Ethiopia to visit specific wells that are in progress as a result of the Rotary International Global Grant.

This grant was the result of a few people turning “I’m only one person, what could I do?” into “I’m one person, how much more can I do” and coming together to affect change. In June of 2015, long-time supporters of Water To Thrive, Homer and Mary Goering, traveled to Ethiopia to visit well projects. They came back so inspired, they began giving presentations about their experience. One such presentation was given at Homer’s Rotary Club of Northwest Austin, where Kent Miller heard their story.


Kent, having spent time in Ethiopia himself, began wondering what could be accomplished by his community, and started to pursue a Rotary Global Grant. These grants support large international activities with sustainable, measurable outcomes. They have to fall into one of the Rotary’s areas of focus, the 6th of which happens to be water and sanitation.


Susanne Wilson with members of the Central Mella Rotary Club in Addis Ababa


The grant was approved and the reception by Rotary Clubs all over was so positive that 12 wells were fully funded. A key aspect of the Rotary Global Grant is that it has to involve a host Rotary Club in the country where the work is to be conducted. Susanne’s group will depart the U.S., and then meet up with our host Rotarians, The Central Mella Club of Addis Ababa. Together, the groups will travel to the specific sites where the Rotary Grant is working to establish wells. Anyone is welcome to come along on this trip, but act fast - the due date for the first deposit is coming up on September 15th, and travel will take place November 1st-15th. There are still openings available, so please reach out to Susanne directly at susanne@watertothrive.org for more information, whether you’re a Rotarian or not. We hope to have you be part of this amazing experience! 


Susanne and fellow Rotarian from Addis Ababa celebrating with beneficiaries of the Rotary Pilot Project in November 2016