Raised $133,894.00
Goal $60,000.00
223% to goal

About the Campaign

The holiday season is a time to reflect on our blessings and share the Christmas spirit. At Water to Thrive, we reflect on how lucky we are to have so many kind and generous donors. You, as donors, truly change lives by sharing your blessings and giving to fund water projects. We thank you for a wonderful year so far, but our work is not done.


We have a goal to fund 12 more wells. Our twist on the 12 days of Christmas is the 12 wells of Christmas! From now until Jan. 6, the twelfth day of Christmas, all donations for water projects will go towards the 12 wells of Christmas campaign. The 12 days of Christmas is the period between the birth of Jesus Christ and the coming of the Magi. This time is about celebrating the birth of our savior, Jesus Christ. The Magi come to visit Jesus bearing gifts. Still today, during Christmas and after, we reflect on and celebrate our blessings and give gifts to one another to show our gratitude for each other. In fact, the word “maji” means water in Swahili. This is pure coincidence, but it reminds us that there is no better gift than the gift of clean water. This year, as you are doing your Christmas shopping, we humbly ask you to add one extra person to your Christmas list. It only takes $10 to provide one person with safe, clean water for over 20 years. It only takes $70 to provide one family with clean water. Help us spread Christmas cheer this holiday season by giving to our 12 Wells of Christmas campaign.


You may donate any amount to this campaign or sponsor a person, family or community off of our Water to Thrive Angel tree. $10 sponsors one person, $70 sponsors a family and $5,000 sponsors a community of around 500 people.


“He said, it is more blessed to give than to receive.” Acts 20:35

Campaign Supporters

Supporters from Springfield, OH - $500.00
Supporters from California - $5,000.00
Anonymous - $20,000.00
Supporters from Conroe, TX - $5,000.00
Supporters from Minnesota - $5,000.00
Triumphant Love Lutheran Church - Austin, TX - $5,000.00
Full well donation from Austin area supporter, on behalf of TLLC
Supporters from central Texas - $5,000.00
Austin, TX Family - $15,000.00
Christ Lutheran Church - Brenham, TX - $5,000.00
Supporter from Austin, TX - $5,000.00
Supporter from Kingwood, TX - $5,000.00
Bethany Lutheran Church - Austin, TX - $5,000.00
Anonymous - $10.00
Anonymous - $100.00
Anonymous - $60.00
Anonymous - $50.00
Anonymous - $50.00
Anonymous - $100.00
Anonymous - $50.00
Triumphant Love Lutheran Church - Austin, TX - $5,000.00
Moeller Family of Ecuador - $5,000.00
Supporter from Hallettsville - $10.00
Anonymous - $100.00
Supporter from Houston - $1,000.00
Anonymous - $10.00
Giving Tuesday Campaign - 2 Wells funded! - $10,884.00
THANK YOU to all who funded these two wells on Giving Tuesday!
Love of Christ Lutheran Church - Weslaco, TX - $5,000.00
Supporter from Illinois - $5,000.00
Anonymous - $500.00
Anonymous - $50.00
asher zvi-nova - $300.00
Thanksgiving is a time to recognize what we have and what other people don't have. I thought of them when I made this donation and I hope it helps those who do not have what we have. (Asher, 9 years old)
Bill and Carol Kaemmerer - $5,000.00
Hallau & Pease Family - $5,000.00
Patricia and Jim Clarke - $5,000.00
Moeller Family of Ecuador - $5,000.00