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About the Campaign

When thinking about their water needs each day upon waking, Chare Dike village members have to make a decision. Do they want to stay close to home and collect drinking water from an unsafe, local river, or do they want mostly women and children to set out on a 3 hour walk to a protected spring source? The spring would provide safe water, but the walk is anything but safe, and the journey also consumes valuable time that they need for earning a living and attending school.

When summing up the life-changing impact of having a community water well, village member and mother of six, Enare Tumisisa, said it best. “I believe when this water source (is) completed, our life will be changed and our girls will be safe and delivered from all…sorrowful things… (and) will save our time and energy to be involved (in) growing crops…and learning properly for girls and boys.”

Chare Dike needs a simple change to bring a life-changing result. Thinking about their need for change, has us also thinking about the 500th Reformation anniversary this year. So many people were laboring under harsh and relentless conditions, and so they sought revolution. Five hundred years ago, this desire for a better life was the catalyst for transformations in science, society, politics and publication. Experience tells us that change will continue to take place. Even when transformation brings challenges, God is at work. We pray you will be moved to take part in bringing safety, good health and prosperity to the village of Chare Dike.

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