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About the Campaign

Clean water may seem like an issue that’s very far from home. How many times a day do you walk over to the sink to get a drink? To wash your hands? To rinse something? Maybe you never thought about this mundane activity being a luxury. Maybe you never thought of this lack of luxury being a women’s issue. But take a moment and soak this in:


All over the globe, women and girls walk up to 20 km (12 miles) each day to carry the weight of 20 kg (44 lbs.) of water on their heads.


The massive number of hours and labor that girls and women spend in simply searching for, collecting and managing unclean water for their households, distorts their lives. One in five girls of primary-school age are not in school. This is one reason why.


Every minute a newborn dies from infection caused by lack of safe water and an unclean environment. Diarrhea caused by dirty water kills a child under 5 every two minutes.


EMPOWERING WOMEN, INSPIRING GROWTH: Genesys Women in Technology has a heart to make a difference with this strong mission in mind.

A single well literally transforms the lives hundreds of women, men and children for decades. That’s why Genesys Women in Tech is partnering with Water To Thrive, who works to bring the sustainable blessing of clean, safe water to communities in rural Africa. 100% of what you give goes directly to building wells. And it only takes $5,000 to build one.

We aren’t going to stop at just one well. Genesys’ Make a Difference Program is matching up to $5,000 in what we collect.

Together, let’s empower women and inspire growth. Together, let’s transform lives. Together, let’s build some wells.


Campaign Supporters

Anonymous - $100.00
Anonymous - $35.00
Sheila McGee-Smith - $50.00
Representing for the Genesys Analyst Community!
Anonymous - $50.00
Anonymous - $50.00
Anonymous - $35.00
Eric Nicholson - $35.00
Anonymous - $100.00
Sarah Ryan - $100.00
Anonymous - $25.00
Janice L MacDonald - $100.00
Reaching out to help change lives.
John Clark & Family - $35.00
Go Genesys! Raleigh, NC Office
Khayleia Foy - $50.00
Paul Rouillard - $35.00
Olivier JOUVE - $100.00
Anonymous - $350.00
Ali - $250.00
This donation is in memory of Justin Dove - a wise soul whose dying wish was to see people come together and “bring joy to other people’s lives,”. Justin, you will be forever missed. In your memory, I make this donation in hopes it will bring others joy as was your final wish. We'll always have Spooky Action at a Distance. Miss you, Dovey.
Supporter from Brooklyn, NY - $35.00
Giada - $20.00
Masahiro - $10.00
Hitoshi Fujisawa - $10.00
Matt Dell - $50.00
Sonia Phillips-Campbell - $20.00
Nobuteru Hashimura - $100.00
John Hunter - $20.00
Anonymous - $25.00
Anonymous - $10.00
Anonymous - $50.00
God bless!
Anonymous - $10.00
Lawrence H - $100.00
Great cause, we have so much, we take water for granted. It's good to help.
Anonymous - $25.00
Anonymous - $20.00
Jim Bryant - $50.00
Anonymous - $150.00
Anonymous - $50.00
Anonymous - $70.00
Kristopher Kennedy - $10.00
Martin from Genesys Canada - $70.00
Anonymous Supporter - $150.00
GWIT Canada
Anonymous - $10.00
Anonymous - $20.00
Anonymous - $20.00
Despres Family - $50.00
Wonderful work GWIT is doing!
Genesys Supporter - $100.00
A small donation to help those that deserve the right to good clean water - I am continuing the work that my parents have given during their lifetime to those in need.
Anonymous - $100.00
So thankful to be part of an organization that is involved in changing lives outside of our company!
Anonymous - $10.00
Anonymous - $40.00
Colleen Ayres - $20.00
Anonymous - $20.00
Anonymous - $20.00
Anonymous - $70.00
Wendy Mikkelsen - $50.00
Daniel Phelps - $100.00
This donation doesn't just help people have access to clean water -- it allows women to join in leadership roles for their communities to protect and provide a future of available clean water for their villages. I love how Water To Thrive has worked to support women while also ensuring equality.
Anonymous - $25.00
Jason Pitre - $50.00
Anonymous - $50.00
Corey Bischoff - $100.00
David Janssen - $70.00
Elda Helc - $100.00
Genesys Women In Tech Canada is grateful to be able to help build a well for women in Africa! Clean water is a basic human right. We rise by lifting others #WIT
JoAnne Finney - $150.00
I can't imagine anything more rewarding than donating money to ensure women and children have safe drinking water. It saves lives!
George Gagliardi - $40.00
Anonymous - $10.00
Great cause by great women in tech
Dan Skinner - $100.00
Anonymous - $100.00
Anonymous - $40.00
Anonymous - $50.00
Michelle Kozo - $50.00
Anonymous - $20.00
Anonymous - $50.00
Anonymous - $25.00
Lindsay Frazier - $100.00
Anonymous Supporter - $10.00
Joey Haught - $25.00
Nahleen Antika - $20.00
GWIT are true hydrohomies
Rob M - $100.00
Paul Serignese - $25.00
Marc Picard - $50.00
Great Cause! Awesome to see such an endeavor!!!
Anonymous - $10.00
Anonymous - $25.00
Bruce Hunter - $100.00
Johnson Tse - $50.00
Brian Piening - $10.00
Thank to the Genesys Women in Technology group for making more people aware of this need
Anonymous - $10.00
Alex Ball - $50.00
Anonymous - $10.00
Dave Gussin - $20.00
Great initiative!!
David & Julie Coates - $150.00
As mother earth warms, Genesys Women in Technology will save lives....
David Curley - $70.00
Inspiring. 👍👍😁
Andrea Trozak - $45.00
Daniel Mahon - $100.00
Nathan Bennett - $10.00
Mary Gardiner - $300.00
Glad to help this awesome cause!
Anonymous - $100.00
Tom McGrail - $100.00
Anonymous Supporter - $70.00
Anonymous - $70.00
Anonymous - $70.00
Anonymous - $10.00
Tara Griffin - $100.00
Amanda Pittis - $50.00
Debbie Hutcherson - $70.00
Making a difference!
Claire Flatley - $100.00
Lucy Norris - $100.00
Adriana Defina - $100.00
How many meanings has water for us….. It means "emotion" when a little tear goes down on your face… because of joy or because of sadness. It means "growth" for a baby in his mom’s belly or for a blade of grass, close to a mountain’s river. It means "wonder" when you look at a cloud sky, overcame by a rainbow created by just one little drop of water. So many beautiful meanings for all of us. But for many others, women, man, kids… it has just one single meaning: it means LIFE. Thanks Genesys, for giving us the chance to contribute with this meaningful little “drop of water”.
Genesys Makes a Difference - $5,000.00
Anonymous - $50.00
Lila Bednar - $100.00
Water is life. Women are critical to the future of the world. Let both flow freely and fulfill their greatest potential.
Amy Deaver - $105.00
Anonymous - $25.00
Melissa Bradford Muller - $100.00
Anonymous - $1,000.00
This donation is made in memory of someone whom I've never actually met, but was clearly very special. The world lost Christopher J McCarter too soon. I hope with all of my heart that his mother, a friend, can overcome this profound loss. I hope that she may find peace and beauty in the positive ripples he created through his work with the community. Christopher was truly invested in PEOPLE. He was a football coach, he made sure children has presents for Christmas, he helped his family, and he made lots of time to spend with his mother, Tania. In an era where technology has enabled many of us to take one another for granted, Christopher regularly made time for his mother - they were very close. I'm sorry I was not able to meet him before his passing. Tania, please think of this donation as one of your son's ripples - ripples from his many acts of goodness he put into this world. His ripples will extend across the ocean and touch the lives of our global family. This money will be used to build a well for people who desperately need access to clean water. It will improve their quality of life, their opportunities, and enable them to create ripples of their own. Stay faithful and remember that your son lives on in the lives of those he's touched. <3
Tony Simek & Family - $100.00
Genesys makes a difference in business and in the world. The Genesys Women in Technology Group make a difference every day. Thank you for your efforts!
James Purciful - $50.00
James Purciful - $50.00
Nadya Oks - $50.00
Jason Melrose - $20.00
Anonymous - $50.00
Trisha Borme - $50.00
Glen - $50.00
Great cause!
Anonymous - $50.00
Kristen Oliphant - $50.00
Fenrick James - $50.00
We can change the world!
Anonymous - $175.00
Empowering Women. Inspiring Growth.
Anonymous - $50.00
Laura Bowers - $50.00
Jessica Kenworthy - $100.00
Rosey - $150.00
Honored to help support an amazing organization.
Abby Wilson - $25.00
Claire Devlin - $50.00
Thank you for a great initiative
Yingyi Tan - $50.00
Noelia R. - $50.00
Here's to not give for granted the privilege of having clean water, warm shoes a home and place where women can progress. Hope this little drop in the ocean can contribute to make a change.