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Goal $11000
48% to goal

About the Campaign

As Water to Thrive asks its supporters to Dig Deep to help us achieve our goal of 1000 wells funded by the end of our anniversary year in April, we are walking the walk and launching our own Dig Deep campaign for Giving Tuesday. We’ve set a goal of raising $11,000 in a series of steps: … a first $5,000 for a Giving Tuesday 2018 water project, followed by $500 for our Drop by Drop Fund, and then as another $5,000 for a water project with a final $500 for the Drop by Drop Fund.

We have always been proud of our 100 Percent Promise, that every dollar given for water will go to water, and we are also proud of our Drop by Drop Fund, which gives our supporters a way to help ensure the long-term sustainability of our mission. Every dollar given for water goes for water, and every dollar given to Drop by Drop allows our team to bring in six more dollars for water.

As we work to reach 1000 wells, and as we give thanks for our many blessings, let’s all Dig Deep and make November 27 truly a Giving Tuesday!

Campaign Supporters

Anonymous - $100
Anonymous - $100
The Hilton Family - $5000
Anonymous - $100
Anonymous - $25
The Usey Family - $10
We don't have much right now, but after the recent water issues in Austin reminded us how blessed we are, we'd like to chip in $10 for clean, safe water for rural African families, and we'd like to add 10 percent to make sure Water to Thrive can sustain its mission for years to come.