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About the Campaign

Often the question asked in conversation or following a presentation regarding our work in Africa is, “How is it possible for my ‘Widow’s Mite’ donation, to help fund a well?”

There are several ways a “small coin” donation may be used:
1) Be part of a group campaign or a campaign on the Water To Thrive website set up by someone else.
2) Start your own campaign and invite others to join.
3) Or donate here to the “Widows Mite Well” which has been newly launched to honor all widows.

The basics of this campaign are: 1) Contributions are matched dollar for dollar by matching funds left by a widow for this purpose. 2) The administrative expenses are covered by the initial donor. 3) The matching funds will continue to be available for future wells, beyond this initial campaign. Please direct any questions to team@watertothrive.org. This campaign is sponsored by W2T Board Member, Ed Scharlau and his wife Rennie. Thank you!

Campaign Supporters

Supporters donations and match funds - $2180
Match dollars for Austin Donor - $300
Austin Donor - $300
Widow's Mite Gift - $60
A donation from Widow Olga Fiegen.
Match Dollars - $60
Anonymous - $100
Match Dollars - $100
Donation match for anonymous Austin donor gift of $100.00.
Anonymous - $50
Match Dollars - $50
Donation match for Wisconsin Supporter's gift of $50.00.
In Memory of Mitch's Mom - $100
In Memory of Wayne's Mom - $100
Match Dollars - $200
Two match donations for memorial gifts.
Supporter from Austin - $300
Match Dollars - $300
Donation match for Austin donor's gift of $300.00.
Austin - $100
Match Dollars - $100
Match for Austin
Memorial Donation - $100
In memory of Steffie's Mom and Dad
Memorial Donation - $100
In Memory of Rodney's wife
Match Dollars - $200
Match donation for two memorial gifts
Gift from Austin donor of $100.00 ~ and a $100.00 match - $200