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About the Campaign

On March 22, World Water Day is being observed once again to spotlight the critical global issue of water scarcity and water as a human right. As part of our observance, Water to Thrive is launching a fundraiser to bring clean, safe water to 322 people on 03/22.

As always, we honor our 100 Percent Promise that every dollar donated for water goes entirely toward water projects. Join us in spreading awareness about the global water crisis. Tell a friend, share our fundraiser on social media or donate to our fundraiser!


Campaign Supporters

Clara Beatriz Pacsar - $100
Continue with the good job you are doing!
Anonymous - $100
In memory of Betty Lou Stribling - $250
Philip Graalum Blom - $250
Two Moravian men grew up carrying water at 4am and now help lead us in this water campaign Thanks Ed for the matching funds!
Richard & Betty Ehlers - $50
This donation is for the current campaign
We all need access to clean water! - $50
S.S. - $25