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One Day Only

It’s Amplify time! We’re one week away from the annual fundraising day, and excited to partner again with Amplify Austin. If you didn’t know, this is a wonderful platform provided by I Live Here, I Give Here to connect local donors with Austin area nonprofits. As a nonprofit founded and based in Austin since 2008, we love to partner with our local community. Mark your calendars, because this year’s Amplify Day begins at 6pm March 2nd, and ends 24 hours later at 6pm on March 3rd. We love this event and, as always, we pledge that 100 percent of all donations made go directly to clean water projects. So, every penny raised by Amplify Austin will let Austinites help serve a rural African community in need.

If you were part of our campaign last year, then you may recall how your generous donations helped us successfully reach our $10,000 fundraising goal. Additionally, as part of our campaign we partnered with Canyon Creek Elementary School and were able to match the money they had already raised to complete the funding of their well. We are so thankful for these kids and the hard work they put in, and to everyone who helped us reach our goal.

Canyon Creek Elementary


It continues to humble us to see so many different people, from various backgrounds, and over many generations, come together to help change the lives of those living without clean water. Last year our Executive Director, Susanne, went to speak to the 5th grade class at UT Elementary School. After Susanne’s water presentation the students immediately jumped into action to fund a well. Through various fundraisers - including selling postcards they designed themselves - these young students are already over a fourth of the way finished funding their own well! We love partnering with all of you to reach goals and fund wells, so we’ve pledged the first portion of our $10,000 goal for Amplify 2017 to go toward matching the progress these kids have made on their well campaign.


Susanne at UT Elementary UT Elementary Students


After we’ve matched UT Elementary’s fundraising efforts, every $5,000 we raise will fully fund one well in a rural African community, with recognition going to Water to Thrive's Amplify Austin Donors. Are you excited to donate, but afraid you’ll forget on the day? Not a problem. Through our Donation Page on Amplify's website you can schedule your donation at any time, and it’ll be charged on March 2nd during the event. We’ve already had over $1,000 in donations scheduled! Be sure to check our Facebook page frequently throughout this 24-hour period to see our progress in reaching our goal of $10,000. We’re excited for the big day next week, and to see how our Austin community will help us impact these African communities in need.




Join Us This Summer

Ethiopia 2016

Ever dreamt about going to the diverse, dynamic continent of Africa? Now is your chance.

Water to Thrive is going to Ethiopia June 9th-25th for its supporters to get a firsthand view into Ethiopia’s rich culture and Christian heritage and we want YOU to join.

You’ll be able to witness the transformation that clean, safe water brings to the communities we serve, build lasting relationships with the Ethiopians you meet, and see all the remarkable sights Ethiopia has to offer. It will be a life-changing experience for a life-saving mission!

If you are interested or have additional questions, contact Susanne Wilson at or 512-206-4495.


Run For Those Who Walk!

The Pump Run

Want to support the mission of clean water? Sign up for Water to Thrive’s annual Pump Run, which includes a 5K Run, Kids’ 1K Fun Run, and a Virtual 5K Run. After the race, you can expect face painting, balloon animals, games, screen printing, a jerry can relay, and more! This is a family-friendly event and pet-friendly too (as long as they are on a leash)! Come walk or run on February 27th to help put an end to the global water crisis. Register now!

To sign up or for more information visit 


Pump Run 5K - Join Us

Pump Run

This February 27th, run for those who have to walk. Water to Thrive is hosting the annual Pump Run, a 5K race supporting the mission of providing cleaner, safer water to parts of rural Africa. Every year, millions of people are left without clean water. Education, time, health, and empowerment are just a few of the assets that are forfeited when people do not have access to clean water. 

But by signing up to participate in the Pump Run, either virtually or in person, you can make a difference in this global water crisis. You can be the difference in multiple school girls receiving an education because they no longer have to walk 5 miles to gather water every day. You can be the difference in mothers starting their own businesses or improving their homes since they will have more time and resources to do so. Please consider running for those who walk with jerry cans full of dirty water for their families every day.

To sign up or for more information, visit

Ohhh, SO close!! We're taking #GivingTuesday to a #WaterWednesday conclusion!


So many great gifts came in yesterday, from big to small, some with employer matches, some from spare change, and all so deeply appreciated!

We funded the first #GivingTuesday water project right around lunchtime, and worked hard to get the second $5,000 settled by midnight. Alas, we came up just $520 short.

We can't let hundreds of people in need go without for the lack of $520, so we hereby declare today to be #WaterWednesday and we are going to ask again for your support to bring in this very last bit we need.

Just like yesterday, please give if you can, and spread the word. We know we can do it, and we look forward to inaugurating two new wells with plaques commemorating your amazing #GivingTuesday effort.

Help us find the last $520 for our #GivingTuesday goal!


In the last hour, we received $675 in donations and cut that $1200 deficit more than in half! We are now just $520 away from funding our second‪#‎GivingTuesday‬ water project. It's late, we know, but before you turn out the light, think for a moment about whether you can spare a gift or a share to help us meet this goal and bring clean, safe water to another rural African community in need.


It just takes a click to give, a click to share, a click to make a huge difference for hundreds of people. We are SO very close, and we know we can do it because we have you working with us. Thank you so much for‪#‎Giving‬ with us on this ‪#‎Tuesday‬!



So close to our second #GivingTuesday well!


Just a little over three hours left, and we have official numbers through the early evening. Our generous donors have come together to give a total SO FAR of $8,805 today! That fully funds our first Giving Tuesday water project, leaving us $1,195 shy of funding the second.

We are close! You can get us there. Whether the amount is large or small ... we have had both today, and every dollar has made a difference. Please share and give. We deeply appreciate your caring and support!


In five more hours, we can build one more well. #GivingTuesday crunch time!


A little more than five hours remain in our #GivingTuesday push and while we have had donations coming in, we are not yet at the point of funding our second well. We know you can help us do this! Give what you can at, and share this post or another to encourage your social media circle to participate too.

We're getting closer! You can carry us through to a second water project today!

Our first #GivingTuesday well finished! Let's go for two!



We are so blessed to have such amazing supporters! In the last hour, you have given us another $570, which puts us over the goal line for our first well!

Now let's get cracking on well number two! Another $4,100 and we ... YOU ... will have funded two water projects today!




Let's finish the first well!



Just a few hours into #GivingTuesday, we are already well on our way to the halfway mark! As of noon, our wonderful supporters had made gifts totaling $4,525.00!

At least one of those gifts was made by an employee of a company that matches charitable donations, which gave the total a nice boost. Check with your employer and see if they'll do a matching gift, then go to and make your donation. We'll send you a receipt, which you can give your employer. It's simple and it doubles your impact!

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