Ethiopia Friends Well II

Welcome to this campaign to build another well in Ethiopia. We only need $5,000 to complete this campaign.
In just over eight years, Water To Thrive will have built over 650 wells in Africa. The need is still so great. Your contribution to this campaign will eventually result in 1. More children, especially girls, attending school instead of walking long hours for dirty water. 2. Less death by water-born diseases. Every 20 seconds, a child dies of a water-born disease. 3. More productivity from the land, as women will be able to assist in the fields rather than hauling dirty water.
Campaign Supporters
Jim And Carolyn Sorensen
$ 50.00
Supporter From Spokane, WA
$ 50.00
In Memory of our Loved Ones
Supporter - Apple Valley, MN
$ 300.00
In memory of Lee Griffin
Supporter - Burnsville, MN
$ 100.00
In Memory of Lee Griffin
Supporter - Mount Jackson, VA
$ 250.00
Spokane, WA
$ 100.00
In Memory of Lee Griffin and Richard Jensen - remembering their missionary days in Ethiopia.
Jim And Carolyn Sorensen
$ 30.00
Support From Apple Valley, MN
$ 300.00
Roger And Arlette Patrow
$ 50.00
Supporter From Omaha, NE
$ 50.00
Gift From Montana
$ 200.00
In honor of Jim and Carolyn Sorensen and LuAn and Bob Peterson
Supporter From Montana
$ 150.00
In honor of Janet Guenther, and in honor of Jim and Carolyn Sorensen.
Montana Supporter
$ 50.00
In celebration of Jim and Carolyn Sorensen's birthdays.
$ 2,790.00 raised
of $ 5,000.00 needed