Augie Wells - Funding Complete!

At Augustana College, we are committed to bringing clean water to those who need it.
Our students, faculty, and staff are part of a global community of learners. This community is strengthened by our commitment to helping others. Our students' passion and drive for bringing clean drinking water to others, allows us to reach out with a common goal to learn, teach, and support one another.
Campaign Supporters
Pareena Lawrence
$ 100.00
Augustana College Donations
$ 1,651.06
Donation From Illinois
$ 1,725.00
Matching Campaign Fund
$ 1,498.94
Donors who supported the Water to Thrive Matching Campaign Fund for schools.
Augustana College
$ 5,000.00
Rock Island, IL
$ 10,000.00 raised
of $ 10,000.00 needed