Coastal Bay - Gulf Coast Synod - Funding for 4 wells complete!

A 2015 Lenten challenge opened a door for Lutherans in SE Texas and their friends, to go global to change lives forever by providing clean water to villages in Tanzania and Ethiopia. Thank you for visiting here and partnering with us.
The 19 congregations in the Coastal Bay Conference of the TX-LA Gulf Coast Synod are committed to ministry at home and abroad. This is God's world, and we share in it! The project to provide clean water to villages in Tanzania and Ethiopia, is changing the lives of children, women and their entire communities. Young boys and girls are able to go to school, instead of walking 4,5, or even 6 miles round-trip daily, lugging dirty water on their backs and shoulders. Women are required to serve on the local water board, empowering their voice and presence in the village. We are not the only ones involved in this global project. But, we are the ones who can make a difference for others, and we will continue this work until the need is no longer. Thank you for your support and prayers, as we live in Christ together loving our neighbors, nearby and abroad. Peace be with you. The Rev. Dr. Brian K. Gigee / Conference Dean
Campaign Supporters
Alvin Lutheran Church
$ 615.72
Alvin, TX
St. Peter Lutheran Church
$ 150.00
Bay City, TX
Memorial Lutheran Church
$ 731.72
Texas City, TX
St. John's Lutheran Church
$ 194.25
Santa Fe, TX
St. John Lutheran Church
$ 774.00
Angleton, TX
New Life Lutheran Church
$ 1,722.93
Pearland, TX
House Of Prayer Lutheran
$ 5,053.09
Houston, TX
Jonathan Rundman Concert
$ 10,000.00
Concert held at House of Prayer Lutheran Church, Houston, TX. Thank you to all who supported this fundraising effort for our 3rd and 4th wells!
$ 19,242.71 raised
of $ 20,000.00 needed