Lynda Baumann Memorial Well - Complete!

To thank the Lord for blessing Lynda and me with the time of our lives together, I am excited to fund a Lynda Baumann Memorial Well.
Many have expressed an interest in participating with me to say "Thank You Lord, for Lynda" and to remember how she touched their lives with the love of Christ. You are invited to join in the celebration of thanksgiving. Rejoicing in the Lord always. ~ Paul Baumann
Campaign Supporters
In Memory Of Lynda
$ 25.00
Remembering Lynda
$ 1,055.00
For Lynda
$ 1,360.00
From Matthew Baumann
$ 50.00
For Lynda
$ 1,200.00
Matthew Baumann
$ 300.00
$ 5,090.00 raised
of $ 5,000.00 needed