ABSA 2015-2016 - Complete!

This year, the Asian Business Students Association at the University of Texas at Austin decided to support Water to Thrive for our year-long charity campaign. As the global water crisis is a serious issue, we wanted to directly impact those in need of clean water by hosting a variety of events to raise money to fund a water project. Through Water to Thrive, this money will fully contribute to the construction of a well. As an organization based on the three pillars of professional, social, and philanthropic, we strive to provide our members with the opportunity to give back to others.
Thank you for all of your support!
Campaign Supporters
Sang-Yop Kwon
$ 555.00
Special thanks to UT ALPFA and TAMM for helping us with Dodge For A Cause!
$ 5,000.00 raised
of $ 5,000.00 needed