Katherine's 18th Birthday - Gifts of Water - Gifts added to Hotchkiss "Dig Deep" Campaign!

When someone first told me that almost one billion people live without clean water on a daily basis, I was shocked; but I also knew that I wanted to do something about the water crisis. Throughout the past eight years, I have worked on many efforts to help fund clean water wells to the people of Ethiopia. This year, instead of receiving gifts for my eighteenth birthday, I hope that you join me in giving people a basic resource we take for granted: clean water. It would mean so much to me if you would donate $18.00 (or more :) ) as a gift for my eighteenth birthday. Thank you.
Campaign Supporters
The Brakebill Family
$ 25.00
Happy Birthday Katherine!
The Friedrich Family
$ 100.00
Happy birthday, Katherine!
The Bricker Family
$ 25.00
Happy Birthday to a Very Special and Thoughtful Young Lady!
MIke & Carolyn Stone
$ 100.00
Friends At Water To Thrive
$ 125.00
Happy Birthday! Thanks for all you do to support W2T!
Happy Birthday, Katherine.
$ 25.00
Love, The Morrans
Haden, John And Breck Spencer
$ 500.00
Happy 18th Birthday, Katherine! We love you!
The Brown Family
$ 100.00
Happy Birthday Katherine!!
Katherine Vescovo
$ 50.00
Happy Birthday best friend!! You are doing such incredible things <3
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