Change Lives in 2016! Thank you to all who supported this effort - We are grateful!

On March 22, World Water Day observed the theme of water and work. Here at Water to Thrive, we celebrated World Water Day by launching our #ChangeLives campaign. In eight weeks, we want to inspire 100 donors to give at least $50 each to support the foundation of our mission ... to support water and work. Please help us reach our goal by Wednesday, May 4!
As World Water Day made clear this year, water is work. In our case, water provides jobs for those who build our actual wells in Ethiopia, Tanzania, and Uganda. Having a well for clean, safe water in a village frees women from the burden of walking miles each day, giving them the time to develop enterprises to support their families, buy school supplies for their children, and to find dignity in their lives. To ensure the quality and sustainability of our work in Ethiopia, we employ an Ethiopian project manager, who strengthens our oversight and our partnerships there and who, by virtue of being Ethiopian, fully understands the importance of our work. Finally, we provide work here in Austin for a small team of committed, dedicated employees who are an essential part of our mission. Usually we come to you asking for gifts that will allow us to build wells. We are proud of our "100 percent pledge" that all donations designated for water go to water. This campaign is only a little bit different. Every dollar we raise for operations allows us to invest seven dollars in water projects. Operations are the support structure, here in Austin and on the ground in Africa, that allows us to spread the word about our mission, engage our donors, work with our partners, identify our water projects, and then ultimately to build wells and change lives. This is important enough to the life of the organization that we have a dedicated group of supporters, Water Angels, who give $1,000 a year specifically for operations. As part of the #ChangeLives campaign, we've set a goal of motivating one person each week to become a new Water Angel. To give, please go to Check the "in honor of" button and put "#ChangeLives" in the space provided, and your gift will make the work of providing clean water and changing lives a reality. To become a Water Angel, whether as an individual or part of a group or business, please contact us directly through a message here or an e-mail to Executive Director Susanne Wilson at To help spread the word about our #ChangeLives campaign, follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Every Wednesday, we'll mark #WaterWednesday with a campaign update and more information about our work and our needs. And please, share our posts. Let your friends know about our mission, and this opportunity to strengthen our foundation. As always, we thank you for your financial, emotional, and prayerful support. In the next eight weeks, we hope you will join us and #ChangeLives.
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We have a new Water Angel! ($100.00 monthly donation, over a 12 month period.)
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