Concordia University TX 2015 - 2016 - Complete!

We are excited to conclude fundraising for our 12th well! Thank you to all of our supporters who have helped keep our momentum going!
Since 2008, the Concordia University Texas community has been partnering with Water to Thrive to improve the lives of those living without access to clean, safe water in rural Africa. To date, we have raised funds for 11 wells that will provide water for so many communities in need. We are excited to continue this partnership, and thank you for being part of our 2015 - 2016 fundraising campaign!
Campaign Supporters
Concordia Univ. TX Supporters
$ 1,370.25
Austin, TX
Gift From Cedar Park, TX
$ 25.00
Concordia Univ. TX Fundraiser
$ 38.00
Concordia University Texas
$ 400.00
Ruth Circle
$ 30.00
Hope Presbyterian Church - Austin, TX
Concordia Univ. TX Supporters
$ 3,366.09
Mary/Martha Guild
$ 100.00
Of Living Savior Lutheran Church in Montgomery, TX
$ 300.00
On behalf of the Minister of the Gospel Honorees
$ 5,629.34 raised
of $ 5,000.00 needed