2016 Mother's Day Celebration Campaign!

A Deep Well of Gratitude for All Mothers! After you donate in honor of your favorite mother, please visit the Water to Thrive Facebook page for a special Mother’s Day card to share with your recipient.*
In the countries we serve, the burden of water literally falls on the shoulders of women and mothers. When a community lacks clean, safe water, the women of the village must trek for miles to find a water source, then carry home a heavy jerry can filled with dirty water. Too often, their children make the trek with them. Far too often, their children suffer waterborne diseases from the tainted water source. … But when Water to Thrive is able to place a water project in a village, everything changes. The water source is just minutes away. The water itself runs clean and pure. Mothers are able to turn their attention to other needs of their family, finding ways to supplement the family income and delivering their children to school. … This Mother's Day, give your mother the gift of changing another mother's life. Join our Mother's Day campaign. Every $500 we raise will bring the blessing of clean, safe water to 50 mothers in rural Africa. Whether you give a little or a lot, your gift to the mothers in your life will make a tremendous difference in the lives of those other mothers. (*If you are unable to access the Mother’s Day card on Facebook, please e-mail W2T at team@watertothrive.org and we will be glad to e-mail it directly to you.)
Campaign Supporters
Kimberly, Michael, Thomas & William
$ 25.00
For our dear Gramsmother, who taught us so much about caring for others. We love you! Happy Mother’s Day! Love, Kimberly, Michael, Thomas, & William
Gary And Liz Nauert
$ 300.00
For Ashley, Lisa and Jennifer. Thank you for being such wonderful mothers for our grandchildren. Happy Mother's Day.
Rod Parks
$ 50.00
Mom, Vergene, Mamie, Lynn, Natalie, Margaret, Wanda, Bula, Helena and Karen. To our Moms and Grandmothers who have loved us so dearly. We honor you by helping mothers in other countries who have to walk miles just to bring water to their families.
$ 375.00 raised
of $ 500.00 needed