50 X 2 = 5,000: Mike and Kathryn's 50th Birthday Celebration

We're celebrating our 50th birthdays soon. Mike's is July 30, and Kathryn's is March 12. Between our two birthdays, we're looking for 100 friends and family to donate $50 to celebrate our 50th birthdays and help build a water well. We would like "50 X 2 = 5,000" so our two 50th birthdays will lead to $5,000 to build a well.
Water to Thrive is a great ministry started by Triumphant Love Lutheran Church in Austin, Texas. In just a few years they have built a great organization building water wells for people in need in Ethiopia, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, and Uganda. We're turning 50. Let's face it, when you're 50, you really don't need anything for your birthday. But we do want something, and that is to do something meaningful and life-giving for other people. Help us celebrate our birthdays by being 1 of 100 persons to donate $50. We'll be very grateful, along with the folks who will get a well from your gift. Of course you can give more, if you like. Who knows, maybe 50 X 2 = $10,000 might come true, and we build a well for each of our birthdays. Many thanks.
Campaign Supporters
Happy Birthday
$ 50.00
From John Dellis
Karen & Mike Baldwin
$ 50.00
Happy Birthday you two youngins!!
Tim & Henri
$ 50.00
What a great birthday present, sending love to people far, far away.
Peder Hinderlie
$ 50.00
It's an honor and privilege to help.
Bridget Coffey Alcocer
$ 50.00
Happy Birthday to you and Kathryn!! Much love to you both!
Harvest Crittenden
$ 50.00
Happy Birthday Michael & Kathryn! Hope the coming years are spectacular!!
Lois A. Holck
$ 50.00
Rennie And Ed Scharlau
$ 100.00
Our hearts are overwhelmed. Thank you. Giving for two BDs and two wells !!
Happy Birthdays To You Both!
$ 50.00
Lois Powell
$ 2,200.00 raised
of $ 5,000.00 needed