Jazzwater Wood for Good Well #2

A cup of water in the name of Jesus.
I make little pieces of art from wood. I started a facebook page called Jazzwater Wood for Good and through it I auction my art for donations to charity. Water to Thrive is close to my heart because it builds wells and impacts hundreds of lives for decades. In a world of complex problems, THIS is simple. THIS is what Jesus has called us to do. THIS is giving a cup of water to God's children. Thank you for your contributions to this effort. I pray that you too will discover your gifts and ways to give them to help other people. I am yours in Christ, Deb Grant
Campaign Supporters
Gift From Houston, TX
$ 100.00
Jazzwater Wood For Good
$ 120.00
Supporter From Dickinson, TX
$ 25.00
Supporter From League City, TX
$ 200.00
Cindy Beck
$ 1,250.00
Sacramento, CA
Supporter From San Leon, TX
$ 100.00
$ 50.00
Deb Grant
$ 250.00
Lenten devotional book royalties & craft sales
$ 2,370.00 raised
of $ 5,000.00 needed