Wells for Change

Welcome to our donation page! This project is a school advocacy project for our Global Education 12 class. We decided instead of taking the easy way out, lets make a change in something we believe in and play a part in changing the lives of deserving people. We believe clean water should be accessible for everyone, not just those who can afford it. This advocacy project can do just that. Please help us in our efforts in raising money for a well in Africa.
Water is the key to life. Without water nothing could survive. Water is taken for granted all to often. For people in less developed areas, clean water doesn't just pour freely from at tap, often in order to get water, people will walk for kilometres several times a day to gather unsafe water filled with disease and dirt. We believe water should be a give in for everyone, not just a select few. Please donate what you can to help us to our goal of bringing clean band healthy water to a people desperately in need.
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