Hugemberda Primary School Water Project - Completed

Thank you for visiting the Hugemberda Primary School's (Tigray, Ethiopia) fundraising page. Andrew Tadross is a native of Houston and is currently serving as a Peace Corp volunteer in the community around Hugemberda and he teaches at the school. The school currently doesn't have any access to clean water.  Andrew has partnered with Water to Thrive and its implenting partner, Relief Society of Tigray (REST) to construction and manage the water project.
Project Deliverables: - Construction of a 400 Meter pipeline extension from an existing clean water source. - Construction of one water distribution point with six faucets at the primary school - Establishment of the Water and Sanitation Committee - Water, Sanitation and Hygiene training for teachers and students - Sustainability training for the Water and Sanitation Committee Project add-on: If contributions exceed the needed $11,000 for the water point, the extra monies will be used to construct a separate latrine fro the girls to use at the school. The school currently has only one latrine and is shared by both boys and girls. The estmated cost is $1,000-$1,500.
Campaign Supporters
$ 250.00
Water for the children of Hugemberda Primary School! Andrew, thank you for representing your country through the Peace Corp.
$ 1,000.00
Friends of the Tadross Family. Water for the children of the Hugemberday Primary School.
Aunt Maria
$ 100.00
You are making a difference, Andrew!!
Keiji Asakura
$ 100.00
$ 100.00
Kenneth, Virginia Dunlap
$ 300.00
I think that this is one of the great international projects to be involved in. Clean water is what we all need to make life worthwhile. Thank you Andrew.
Phoenix Geophysics Limited
$ 5,000.00
A gift from Phoenix Geophysics, Ontario Canada, for the children of the Hugemberda Primary School.
$ 11,060.00 raised
of $ 11,000.00 needed