Oak Hill United Methodist Church Well Campaign - Austin TX - Complete!

Water is such a basic necessity that we take for granted, but to many people still don't have clean accessible drinking water. Please help us change that one well at a time.
Take a look at the pictures on this website and you will see why we are so passionate about this. Can you imagine trudging 5+ miles every day just to get water? How about carrying that water the 5+ miles back. Or worse yet having to give that murky brown water to your child even though you know it could make them very, very sick. If your like us you really can't imagine that and you wish no one else had to too. So please donate to our campaign and help change this for as many people as we can, one well at a time.
Campaign Supporters
Oak Hill UMC - Austin, TX
$ 5,000.00
First United Methodist Church
$ 485.00
Austin, TX - From the Christmas Gift Market
Oak Hill UMC, Austin, TX
$ 5,000.00
April, 2013 donation
Oak Hill UMC, Austin, TX
$ 5,000.00
October, 2013 donation
$ 15,800.00 raised
of $ 15,000.00 needed