Without all of the incredible people who provide financial and in-kind support, we would not be able to do all of the great things that we are doing to bring clean, safe water to people who desperately need it. These people and organizations are making a huge impact and are helping us to expand our work in great ways!


Friends of Water to Thrive




Friends of the Water to Thrive 5K

Infiniti Austin Mighty Fine Burgers Fries and Shakes    
Rudy's Concordia University 
Spirit 105.9 Triumphant Love Lutheran Church 


Thrivent Arbors Community





Friends of Chef's Table Austin



Chef David Bull


Contigo Restaurant 

Chef Andrew Wiseheart


Fabi and Rosi

Chef Wolfgang Murber


Foreign & Domestic

Chef Ned Elliott


Hudson's on the Bend

Chef Kelly Casey


Chef Parind Vora


Chef Todd Duplechan

Malaga Tapas & Bar

Chef Alejandro Duran


Chef Rob Snow 



Chef Shawn Cirkiel



 Chef Max Petty

Trace at the W

Chef Paul Hargrove




Trio at the Four Seasons 

Chef Elmar Prambs



 Chef Tyson Cole