Water To Thrive travels to Ethiopia each year to visit ongoing and completed water project sites and participate in community activities. Our next trip is scheduled for June 2017. If you are interested in joining us, please contact W2T Executive Director Susanne Wilson at susanne@watertothrive.org.

Here is the information for our upcoming June 2017 trip.



This was the itinerary for our November 2015 trip:



This was the itinerary for our trip in June 2015.



 W2T & Voluntourism

The focus of most Water to Thrive trips is to introduce you to the culture and communities of Ethiopia, to visit water projects in progress, and to celebrate completed water projects. When our itinerary coincides with community work on a water project, we have the opportunity to pitch in for an afternoon. Please let us know if voluntourism opportunities are high on your list of priorities for travel.