Join our Giving Tuesday well donors today!

Ten years ago, in a Bible study group at Triumphant Love Lutheran Church in Austin, Water to Thrive came to life. With faith as our foundation, we set out to accomplish the works to go with it, starting with 12 water projects in rural Ethiopia. Since that time, we have funded more than 925 wells bringing the blessing of clean, safe water to more than half a million people.

As each water project is completed, we meet the people whose lives are changed. One of those is Lomi, who shared her experience directly with our executive director Susanne Wilson while they stood together at her community’s new well. Lomi is a mother of seven who lost one of her children to waterborne disease. As they watched the sparkling flow of clean water at the new well, she embraced Susanne, and they shed tears together—tears of sorrow for the loss of Lomi’s child and tears of hope for the new lives other children now could have.

Without you, women like Lomi would still be carrying 40-pound jerry cans of dirty water for miles through the countryside. Their children would still be at risk for waterborne disease. Their families would still miss out on educational and economic opportunities. But with you, with your continued support of our mission to bring them clean water, they not only live but thrive.

After these ten years of grace and blessings, Water to Thrive is ready to move into its second decade of service. We hope to celebrate the funding of our 1,000th well by the end of our anniversary year in April. We cannot do it without you. If you or your group or congregation has already sponsored a well, you understand the dire need faced by families like Lomi’s and of the life-giving impact of clean water, and we are so grateful for what your support has brought to our mission.

With our Giving Tuesday 2018 water project goal, we hope to lead by example. We hope to raise the funds for two water projects, plus the accompanying 10 percent that would cover administrative support and allow us to raise even more money for more wells. We hope you will join us.

If you have not yet supported a well, now is the time. Now we need you to dig deep, to commit to our GIving Tuesday effort, or to a well of your own, all to help us continue this monumental work that is faith in action.