Bringing clean water to rural African communities

We began our service in 2008 by funding 12 wells in Ethiopia. After a number of projects in Sierra Leone, we expanded our work to Uganda and Tanzania. Our water projects are located largely in rural, agrarian communities, located centrally to area farms, providing clean, safe water to hundreds of people in a region.

As we approach our 15th year in operation, we are proud to announce we have funded more than 1,700 water projects in four countries,
bringing clean, safe water to more than 810,000 people.

Our water projects

Click on this map for a searchable database of our projects and their coordinates.

Keeping it Local

We work in partnership with local organizations in the countries we operate. These organizations are staffed with experts in water development, and they know the communities they serve better than anyone. Our partners help us determine the scope of the water need in a region, and we work closely with them to determine how many water projects will be needed in each area.

Thanks to these partnerships, we are able to lay out a sustainable, long-term plan for bringing clean, safe water to the communities we serve.

Past Partners:

    • A Glimmer of Hope
    • Organization for the Rehabilitation and Development of Amhara
    • Oromia Development Association

Current Partners:

    • Relief Society of Tigray
    • Ethiopian Orthodox Church, Water Development Commission
    • Mekane Yesus Central Gibe Synod
    • Mekane Yesus South Central Ethiopia Synod
  • International Lifeline Fund
  • Partners for Community Transformation
    formerly Mityana Uganda Charity
  • KINAPPA Development Programme
  • St. Paul Partners