Business Partnerships

From our very beginnings, Water to Thrive has been blessed to forge strong relationships 
with local and national businesses who know the value of giving back. Whether through 
long-term support, single-event sponsorships, corporate matching programs, 
or being welcomed into the workplace for a presentation or event, 
we rely on these partners and appreciate their help. Click below to learn more about starting a partnership with Water to Thrive!


One of the most important ways a business or organization can further our mission 
is through becoming a sponsor for one of our events. Sponsorships help us defray the cost of putting 
on an event, allowing us to direct more of our proceeds to the work at hand.

Our premiere fundraising event, Chef’s Table Austin, accepts offers of sponsorship throughout the year. For more information about Chef’s Table Austin, click here.


In addition, we are grateful for the ongoing partnerships with organizations that have continually worked with us to defray costs, support programming, and provide discounted or at-cost services.

Thanks also to our supporters who use the Amazon Smile program to direct a percentage of their shopping totals to us at no cost to them.

Become a Partner

We appreciate your interest in a partnership with Water to Thrive! Please fill out the following form so we can contact you about next steps