Launch your own Well Campaign for clean water!

Just as it takes a village to raise a child, sometimes it takes a village to change the life of another village. To sponsor a full well, you must raise $5,000. You have our 100 Percent Promise that 100 percent of the money raised for any Well Campaign will go directly to that water project. Water to Thrive encourages full project sponsorship, which allows us to move more quickly to build wells. After your well is fully funded, you will receive photos of the well, GPS coordinates for the location of the well and the number of people served, as well as the naming rights for the plaque at your water point. We encourage you to set a 6 month goal to reach your fundraising goal, but it is no problem if you need more time.


What to think about as you launch your Well Campaign:

Your Well Campaign welcome message should introduce your campaign with personalized wording and share why water is important to you. Some suggestions are to share your city and state, and information about yourself or your church, business, family or organization. Feel free to be creative! Your text will appear at the top of your personal fundraising page.

In addition to your well funding goal, you have the opportunity to include an additional fundraising goal of your choosing for The Drop by Drop Fund, to support the indirect expenses of building a well.

And lastly – think of a photo you’d like to use to represent your fundraiser. Please email your picture to Jamie@watertothrive.org. Your file should be in .jpg, .gif, or .png format. Recommended image size is 300 x 300 pixels. Or, if you prefer, we can choose one of our photos from our travels.

Thank you for supporting our mission!

Don’t be shy, click here to access our resources to help you with all your fundraising needs:

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