Build wells, change lives.

Water to Thrive works to bring clean, safe water
to those who need it in rural Africa.




Working for Water

Water to Thrive transforms lives in rural Africa by bringing the sustainable blessing of clean, safe water to communities in need by connecting them to social investors, congregations, schools, individuals, and community groups with a heart to make a difference.

The Need for Water

Women and children walk for hours, miles each day. Waterborne diseases kill millions.
Children miss school.
Families are impoverished.


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Empowering Communities

We work with regional aid organizations to identify and implement water projects, and provide training to communities to help sustain the success of completed wells.


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980 Wells … 525,000 People

Since funding our first well in 2008, we have completed projects in hundreds of rural communities in four African countries. Now we work to reach 1,000 wells by April 2019, the end of our 10th anniversary year.

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  • As we near the end of our 10th year of service, we are nearing the amazing milestone of 1,000 wells funded.

    We have launched our Dig Deep initiative, asking our faithful supporters to consider launching a campaign or funding a well to help us reach this goal in the next few months.

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  • Hiwot 
    Water to Thrive completed a hand-dug well in her village of Ketin Serdi in 2008.

    I was only eight when this water well was constructed for our community. I remember my mom and my two older sisters were busy every day fetching water from a nearby river. Sometimes I couldn’t find anyone to give me breakfast and lunch, since they all went to fetch water. My sisters usually missed class and had no time to study. … I consider myself blessed. My little brothers and I have a safe water source just five minutes away. (more…) 

  • Chef’s Table Austin 2018, our seventh annual signature fundraising event,
    set records on Thursday, September 27, at Brazos Hall.

    Our deepest gratitude goes out to our chefs, our sponsors, and above all, our supporters
    who put us over our goal in support of our mission to build wells and change lives.

    Our date and venue for Chef’s Table Austin 2019 will be announced soon.
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Build wells, change lives

Whether you give to a fundraising campaign for a specific water project or contribute to our Drop by Drop Fund that supports our infrastructure and sustains our mission, your support makes all the difference for rural African communities in need.

Current Campaigns

  • Widow’s Mite

    The “poor widow” of the Gospel of Luke gave her small amount and made a difference. This well campaign was created by a widow who will match the gifts given to it.

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  • Living Water

    Concordia University Wisconsin and Concordia University Ann Arbor are separated by the sixth largest fresh water source in the world, and these students recognize the life-changing power of water. 

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    Meet Living Water supporter
    Evolve Beverage Company

  • Kaleb’s Third Well

    To celebrate his 6th birthday, Kaleb raised money for a well in his native Ethiopia. He went on to fund another. Now another!

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  • Hawkeye Water to Thrive

    Hawkeye Water to Thrive works with the University of Iowa and surrounding Iowa City community to raise money for water project construction.

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  • Ethiopia Friends Well II

    Jim and Carolyn Sorensen lived and worked in Ethiopia many years ago, and Jim has dedicated his W2T board service to raising awareness of the need for clean, safe water in rural Africa and to raising the funds to meet that need. Join him!

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