Water Campaigns

You can conduct your own fundraising campaign to help bring clean, safe water to the people of rural Africa. It takes just $5,000 to sponsor a full water project. Water to Thrive encourages full project sponsorship to ensure uninterrupted funding for a community’s new water source. Full project sponsors receive photos and information about the location of the project and the number of people served, as well as the naming rights to the sign at your water point.

And as always, we make our 100 Percent Promise,
that every dollar donated to a water project will go to fund that water project.

We also run special fundraising campaigns throughout the year to provide additional support for our mission.
From Amplify Austin in March to Giving Tuesday in November, with additional campaigns like our Climb for a Cause, supporters have many opportunities to help sustain the work we do.

Launch a campaign

There are so many communities in need
 in rural east Africa, and Water to Thrive works 
with local non-governmental organizations 
to help pinpoint our areas of service. As you work to raise money to build a well, we can provide you with resources to help spread the word about the importance of your water campaign.

Current campaigns

Looking for inspiration or information? 
Our current campaign list is searchable and will give you a picture of the scope of our supporters’ efforts. You can find a campaign to support, keep an eye on a campaign’s progress, or simply learn more about how our donors are moved to bring the blessing of clean, safe water to rural Africa.

Completed campaigns

Since the first dozen wells in 2008, Water to Thrive supporters have funded more than 800 wells changing the lives of nearly 450,000 people in Ethiopia, Uganda, Tanzania, and even Sierra Leone. As water projects are completed and celebrated by their communities, we share the joy and bring 
heartfelt thanks back to the sponsors.

Special Campaigns

Climb for a Cause

In June 2018, as part of our year-long celebration of our 10th anniversary of service, Water to Thrive Executive Director Susanne Wilson will be leading an expedition to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, in our service nation of Tanzania, to raise pledged funds to support our mission of bringing clean, safe water to rural African communities in need.

Meet the members of the expedition and support their climb!