Raised $8,360.00
Goal $5,000.00
167% to goal

About the Campaign

Abiding Presence Lutheran Church, in San Antonio, Texas, has been a great supporter for wells in Ethiopia. We wish to continue supporting Water To Thrive, as we work to complete this campaign for a new well. Memorials, honorariums and just good old gifts, are crucial in an Ethiopian girl’s life, so that instead of walking for hours to collect unsafe water, she can go to school and complete her education. Please join us in making a difference for another community in need. Thank you.

Campaign Supporters

Anonymous - $200.00
Anonymous - $150.00
Anonymous - $100.00
Merry Christmas Mom & Dad. Your Christmas gifts are from Water to Thrive, a Lutheran run mission with an essential cause. Love you, Susan
Supporter from San Antonio, TX - $50.00
Abiding Presence church members - $1,485.00
Abiding Presence Supporters ~ Temple Talk event - $1,127.00
Abiding Presence Lutheran Church - $826.00
Gift from multiple church members
Supporters from Abiding Presence Lutheran Church - $210.00
Dec. 2017 gifts
Gift from Austin - $1,000.00
Abiding Love Lutheran Church - $305.00
Abiding Love Lutheran Church - $1,462.00
Abiding Love Lutheran Church - $100.00
Supporter from Austin - $500.00
Abiding Love Member - $100.00
Abiding Love Church - $350.00
Anonymous Gift - $283.00
Honoring Pastor Lynnae Sorensen