Dig Deep Hotchkiss - One down and One to Go!

We started "Dig Deep" in the Hotchkiss community as a way for students and teachers to learn about the dirty water crisis that currently exists in Eastern Africa, and raise funds in order to help solve the problem. At Hotchkiss, we noticed that many existing clubs focused on other issues in the developing world, but no current clubs had discussed the lack of potable water in developing countries. We hope that the Dig Deep initiative at Hotchkiss, spreads to other prep schools, so that we can start to make a larger impact on the water crisis present in Eastern Africa. Thank you for your contribution!
Thank you to all of the many supporters who helped us fund our first well! We are continuing our fundraising, with the hope of reaching $10,000.00 and sponsoring a 2nd well. We appreciate your support!
Campaign Supporters
Hotchkiss Students - The "Dig Deep" Club
$ 1,908.96
Anne Elizabeth's 18th Birthday
$ 2,300.00
Thank you to family and friends for your generous support!
Supporter From New Jersey
$ 250.00
$ 50.00
The Hotchkiss School
$ 695.37
"Dig Deep" Club Supporters
Katherine's 18th Birthday
$ 1,843.00
Gifts of Water Campaign - Thank you to all friends and family who donated in honor of Katherine's birthday.
$ 7,072.33 raised
of $ 10,000.00 needed