THIRST - Youth of Fairbanks - Complete!

The Christian youth of Fairbanks, AK are dedicated to serving their neighbors and seeking justice in the name of Jesus Christ. Will you support us as we raise $5,000 to build a well in Africa for those who need it most?
Christian teens in Fairbanks want to be more than consumers. More than students. They want to boldly follow Christ with everything they are. We are raising $5,000 for Water to Thrive to show that God's Love is powerful and it is poured out for all people!
Campaign Supporters
David McConnell-Booher
$ 17.00
THIRST - Offering
$ 507.99
Justin & Jessica Knowles
$ 500.00
Kaylee Cogan
$ 330.00
In support of THIRST
First Presbyterian - Fairbanks
$ 112.00
THIRST Offering
Kristen Whelchel
$ 86.00
$ 10,106.00 raised
of $ 10,000.00 needed