Ambassador: Harriet Halkyard

Harriet Halkyard, originally hailing from the United Kingdom, embarked on a long journey of compassion and community service that has left a lasting impact in the United States. She emigrated from England to Australia to lecture at the University of New South Wales. In the 1970s, she came to the United States to open her own company in tourism. 

Harriet has been an unwavering presence within the American Red Cross for over three decades. She has consistently committed her time and energy to their vital mission. In recognition of her outstanding contributions, she was honored with the prestigious title of “Disaster Service Volunteer of the Year” in 1999, a testament to her dedication in times of crisis and disaster. 

Beyond her service with the American Red Cross, Harriet has extended her helping hand to the community in a myriad of ways. She passionately volunteers with Literacy Advance, a branch of Memorial Area Ministries, where she has been an ESL (English as a Second Language) and Citizenship instructor for new immigrants to the United States. Through this role, Harriet has empowered individuals to navigate and prosper in their new homeland. 

Harriet has lived in Europe, Australia, Hong Kong, and Singapore. She is an experienced world traveler and has visited eighty-eight countries around the world! Her book 9 Days to Panama and her articles regarding her drive from Yunan, in the south of China, to Tibet illustrate how she relates to the local people she encountered through her travels. She has communed with the women of Central America, India, and Laos by carrying wood and water with them for many miles, collecting life’s most precious life-sustaining resource, water, drop by invaluable drop.    

Family holds a special place in Harriet’s heart. In addition to her two adult daughters, she is a proud grandmother, cherishing the joys of her expanding family. Harriet resides in the vibrant city of Houston, TX., where she shares her life with her loving husband. Their shared passion for giving back uniquely bonds the two. Harriet’s commitment to family, community, and service exemplifies the values of empathy and compassion that define her. 

Harriet is currently raising funds for her first well with Water to Thrive for rural East Africa!

You can support Harriet’s well campaign, Ripple Effects, by clicking HERE.