Monthly support matters

Because we make the 100 Percent Promise that every dollar donated for water goes specifically to fund water,
we rely on other giving to support the ongoing work of our mission. Supporters who pledge a monthly donation of whatever amount to our Drop by Drop Fund play a critical role in helping us sustain our mission by funding W2T operations, partnerships, fundraising, and travel in the field to inspect projects and build relationships.

Why is operational support so important?
One of our core values at Water to Thrive is transparency.
Ever since our founding in 2008, we have made our 100 Percent Promise,
guaranteeing that every dollar donated for water projects will go to water projects
and not for overhead or operations.

This leaves us looking for other ways to raise money for the important functions of operations.
As we have been blessed with those water project donations,
we have found a need to ask more clearly for additional help.

We are proud of our 100 Percent Promise and of keeping our operations costs down.
But we must be able to fund those costs to be able to continue to put new water projects in place
and to help our beneficiaries support the ones that have already been built.

How does my monthly contribution make a difference?
It creates opportunity.
The sustained support that pledged monthly donations create for our Drop by Drop Fund
gives us the ability to serve our mission better, to work harder to raise the funds that go to water projects,
and to raise awareness of the water crisis and our part in working to resolve it well by well.

It creates continuity.
With a strong and secure base of operational funding, we can plan for the future
with both inspiration and efficiency, looking ahead to projects and partnerships
for not just the next few months but the next few years and beyond.

It creates a future.
As we ensure sustainability and expand our reach, more wells are built,
more clean water flows, more women are relieved of their long legacy of burden,
and more children receive a chance for an education and a new life.

Three ways to give

It doesn’t take much to help us to do so much!
Our new monthly giving program, Make a Splash, allows recurring monthly donations of as little as $10.
Whether you can contribute $10, $20, $40, or $50, recurring monthly gifts allow us to plan for the future and allocate funds even more efficiently.

Even our established higher-level monthly giving program, Water Angels, breaks down to as little as $83 per month!

Finally, you can join together with a group of friends to create a Halo Circle,
a giving group that pools your resources to make a monthly difference!
On our Donate page, simply check “In honor of” and fill in the name of your Halo Circle.

All monthly contributions are considered unrestricted gifts and go into The Drop by Drop Fund to defray operational costs. You can become a Water Angel or Make a Splash today on our Donate page,
the appropriate designation for your gift. You will choose amount and recurrence here as well.

If you have questions or would like to discuss your gift with us,
please contact Water to Thrive Executive Director Susanne Wilson
at or 512.206.4495.