Monthly support matters.

Because we make the 100 Percent Promise that every dollar donated for water goes specifically to fund water,
we rely on other giving to support the ongoing work of our mission. Supporters who pledge a monthly donation of whatever amount to our Drop by Drop Fund play a critical role in helping us sustain our mission by funding W2T operations, partnerships, fundraising, and travel in the field to inspect projects and build relationships.

What is The Drop by Drop Fund?

The Drop by Drop Fund holds all donations that are not designated for water. Ever since our founding in 2008, we have made our 100 Percent Promise, guaranteeing that every dollar donated for water will go entirely toward water projects. This leaves us looking for other ways to raise money for the important functions of operations. The Drop by Drop Fund allows us to pay our small staff, keep the lights on in our office, and pay for donation management software, all of which enables us to put new water projects in place and maintain existing projects.

What is a Water Guardian?

A Water Guardian is a supporter who understands our need for increased operational support and commits to giving a suggested monthly gift of $50, $35, $10 or amount of their choosing, to the Drop by Drop Fund. We use the term “Water Guardian” because these donors safeguard our sustainability as an organization and protect our ability to keep the water flowing to those we serve, through their monthly contribution.

Why should someone become a Water Guardian?

Flexibility. There is no minimum donation amount for a Water Guardian, allowing supporters to customize their gifts. Meaningful Impact. Choosing a recurring monthly donation helps supporters to truly make a difference, while managing their contributions within their personal budgets.

How will my Water Guardian gift make a difference?

Your gift allows us to plan for the future. Your automated monthly contribution enables our small staff to spend more time and resources on high priority tasks, like planning for our annual Chef’s Table Austin gala, our main fundraiser for operations costs. Water Guardian contributions allow Water to Thrive to reach even greater audiences, to educate and inform more people about the water crisis, to bring new donors to the mission, and to bring the blessing of clean, safe water to more people in need. Every dollar given for operational support enables our staff to generate $6 for water projects.

I want to become a Water Guardian. What do I need to do?

Click the button below and fill out the donation form. You can give in the amount of $50, $35, $10 or your choice.

If you have questions or would like to discuss your gift with us,
please contact Water to Thrive Executive Director Susanne Wilson
at susanne@watertothrive.org or 512.206.4495.