Volunteer Opportunity!
World Golf Championships – Dell Match Play

Water to Thrive’s volunteers are staffing the 9th Green Concession stand
at the 2019 WGC-Dell Match Play Tournament at the Austin Country Club.
The seven-day tournament runs from Monday, March 25, through Sunday, March 31.

Monday and Tuesday are practice rounds and the finals are on Sunday.
Water to Thrive is compensated for your volunteer time by the concession contractor
and we get to keep all tips (so be friendly and encourage the patrons to support W2T!)
This will directly support W2T’s mission to bring clean water to communities in Ethiopia, Tanzania and Uganda.

Please read this page entirely and carefully.
Once you commit to participating in a shift(s)
we are counting on you to show up at the appointed time.
If you unexpectedly cannot fulfill your shift commitment,
please make every attempt to find a replacement and have them register in your shift time.
If there is an issue, please contact Susanne Wilson immediately at susanne@watertothrive.org.

Here are the important details of your volunteer time…..

There are two shifts on each of the seven days.
Afternoon shift: Noon to 6:00 pm. That will be the same all seven days.
MORNING SHIFTS change times:
* Monday through Friday: 8:00 a.m.
* Saturday: 6:30 a.m.
*Sunday: 7:30 a.m.

You need to be at the concession stand at the START of your shift,
so plan your travel to the site accordingly.

Use the link below to register and select your desired shift(s).
You may volunteer for as many shifts as you wish.
Concession program policies mandate that volunteers be 18 or older.
Click here to select your shift(s) and register.

Volunteer dress is a white collared shirt with khaki pants or shorts.
This is not optional.
Tennis shoes are best.
You will be provided a volunteer name tag that we ask you to wear while in the concession stand
and leave for the next shift when you are finished.

Volunteers will be assigned a task when they get to the stand.
It will be something like expediting food, expediting beer/wine/cold drinks, prepping sandwiches,
cooking brats and/or burgers, taking orders at the point of sale, etc.

During your volunteer shift, you may eat and drink (non-alcoholic) for free
any items served at the concession stand. You will need to mark your items on the stand’s inventory sheet.
This only applies to volunteers while they are working their shift.

If needed, volunteers will receive a free parking pass for the day they volunteer.
Carpooling is encouraged. Parking is at a remote lot at Barton Creek Square
and you will take a bus to the main gate.
You should be at the remote lot no later than one hour before the start of your shift.
It is a 30 minute bus ride to the main gate
and a 30 minute walk from the main gate to the concession stand.
Your shift begins at 8:00 or at noon
and you are responsible for being at the stand on time. Please plan accordingly.
We will notify you when the concession vendor makes the parking passes available to us.

Your day pass is good all day and grants access
to general admission areas of the tournament.

You should have approximately ½ day to watch the golfers
and check out the course either before or after your shift.

Each volunteer will receive a W2T/Thrivent Financial t-shirt at the end of their shift.
For those volunteers who enjoy playing golf, after the tournament,
their name will be entered into a drawing
to play Austin Country Club with W2T founder Dick Moeller (one drawing entry per shift worked).
Two volunteers will be drawn for lunch and a round of golf.
The round of golf will be played shortly after mid-April.

If you have questions, please email team@watertothrive.org or call our office at 512-206-4495.
We look forward to seeing you on the course! Your help to build wells, change lives is greatly appreciated.