Over a year ago, we received a grant to start a water project for the struggling maternal clinics within this area. Now, a year later, we are visiting the clinics to see the impact.

We are incredibly excited that several clinics have reported decreases in Typhoid, Malaria, and diarrhea cases. Furthermore, sepsis and infection have reduced drastically in post-op recovering mothers, and infant mortality rates continue to improve.

“These improvements are made possible through the WASH training that coincides with the water project. This type of training for these areas is not within the scope of the government’s capabilities. So we are very grateful and have seen a lot of improvement in the reduction of diseases.”
Clinic Director

Tracking progress is critical in moving the needle in the right direction. So, we were very happy to see that the clinics are tracking their progress and using the water in every way possible to improve the community.

A couple of clinic directors even took the initiative to grow vegetable gardens on the clinic grounds. They are now able to adequately grow cash crops year-round!

These profits help to keep the clinic’s maintenance fund secure, which is key to the sustainability of the projects and community health. In addition, one facility reported using the crops to treat malnourished members of their society, which has greatly influenced the improvement of community health and the overall well-being of individuals, especially young children and post-op recovering mothers.

“We are conducting cooking classes and training the community on the importance of nutrition, and we have seen great improvement from our efforts.”
-Kurse Tufa

It is clear that clean water has the power to transform lives. Still, when you pair it with outstanding leaders who genuinely care about the people within their communities and take initiative, the possibilities are endless!

Jamie Morris
Marketing Director
Water to Thrive