In 2007, a small bible study group in Austin, Texas wanted to help address the global water crisis. The members of the group decided to raise $5,000 – enough money for one clean water well in Ethiopia. When they finished their fundraiser, they had collected enough money for TWELVE wells.

Dick Moeller, a member of the group was inspired by the success of that first campaign. He realized that if one church group could raise enough money for 12 wells, others could do even more. Motivated by the desire to bring clean water to those who so desperately need it, Dick founded Water to Thrive.

Water to Thrive is a faith based non-profit, headquartered in Austin, Texas that is dedicated to spreading awareness of the global water crisis while raising the funds needed to construct water wells for those who desperately need them in rural Africa.

In the US, we work with individuals, churches, corporate offices, schools – anybody who shares our passion to bring clean, safe water to those who need it. In Africa, we partner with local NGOs to implement our water work. By working with partners who are familiar with the countries and the communities in which we implement our water work, we are able to better understand the water need, the best ways to address it, and we are able to work efficiently and effectively to construct sustainable water wells.

Since our founding in April 2008, Water to Thrive has funded more than 500 water projects in Ethiopia, Sierra Leone, Tanzania and Uganda. With the caring hearts of our donors and supporters, we are transforming more than 250,000 with the blessing of clean safe water.   We are expanding our fundraising efforts across the United States while simultaneously beginning the process of expanding our water work to more project areas in East Africa. It is an exciting time for Water to Thrive and we can’t wait to begin bringing clean water to even more people.




We envision a world where we share our gifts and blessings to provide health, hope, and water to all.



Water to Thrive is a faith-based non-profit dedicated to the mission of bringing clean, safe water to those who need it in rural Africa. We work with donors in the United States and implementing partners in Africa to bring lasting change.



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