‘A Miracle in Hawassa, Ethiopia’

Yesterday, we visited a community in Hawassa. We received a grant last year to renovate the maternal clinics here, which were without running water.

The nurses here said, “It was an impossible situation; it was hard to walk into the facility because the smell was terrible. On top of this, as you can imagine, the clinic was extremely unsanitary. Women were giving birth here, blood was everywhere, and it was hard to clean.”

But the hardships didn’t end there…

When the previous main borehole well broke, this caused all 15 water points within the community to dry up, leaving 28,000 people without water for five years.

When Water to Thrive came to the village last year, the situation was deplorable, and the community struggled to survive.

We are incredibly grateful we received a grant last year to help the people of Hankute.

The maternal clinics now have running water, showers, toilets, and sinks!

But that’s not all…

The village reported to us yesterday that this renovation sparked a miracle, and all 15 water points within the community now have clean water flowing to them as well!

Seeing the smiles on their faces; feeling their love and gratitude was a powerful experience indeed. They greeted us with a huge celebration and blessing ceremony performed by the community elders.

Ethiopians are the kindest people I have ever met; I am so grateful and honored to be here with them.

-Jamie Morris


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