Water to Thrive Visits Tigray: A Few Months Post War

As many of you know, Tigray was the birthplace of Water to Thrive’s mission to build wells and change lives.

Fifteen years have passed since the start of the well building here, and the people of Tigray have faced many life challenges. Including one of the most horrific civil wars, humankind has ever seen…

Last summer, Water to Thrive received a grant to repair the broken wells during the peak of the conflict here. We were incredibly grateful for this grant which has enabled us to transform thousands of lives impacted by the tragedies of this civil war.

Imagine…. not only facing the daily horrors of war but having to, once again, struggle to survive without adequate water access.

We are incredibly proud and honored to report that our partners here, The Relief Society of Tigray (REST), have completed 198 well rehabilitation projects, so the water has successfully returned to the people of Tigray!

We are honored and humbled to have built and maintained such a strong partnership with the devoted people of REST because it is the people within the organization that separate an excellent organization from an incredible one!

Dearest Donors,

Please know that REST sacrificed and risked their lives daily to provide critical relief aid for the people of Tigray.

They faced daily drone attacks, lost several members of their organization, encountered the theft of their utility vehicles, and faced the constant vandalism and theft of their office supplies.

Every day throughout this three-year civil war, they experienced unimaginable terror, trauma, and adversity, yet they never gave up on the civilians of Tigray.

To say this organization has an incredible amount of heart and determination is an understatement.

The people of REST have an undying devotion to serve and help those in need. They are incredibly resilient and hopeful.

I have learned many things on this trip to Africa, but the most valuable lesson was the one I learned from REST.

I learned that with war comes great sacrifice, horrific tragedy, and loss… but war can never take away our hope or devotion to help the suffering and ability to persevere as human beings.

War can never take away the fierce determination of our hearts and souls, our everlasting hope for a better tomorrow, and our love bonds which grow within to unite us during the darkest days on this earth.

Dear REST,

Thank you for all that you do each and every day despite the many challenges you face. Thank you so much for teaching me the true meaning of perseverance and showing me that within us lies something compelling that can never be taken away.

Thank you for leading by example during one of the most horrific civil wars humankind has ever seen.

I commend you for your strength, your devotion to ease the pain of the suffering, and for finding within yourselves the love and light needed to persevere during an extremely challenging time.

Thank you for staying to help the people of Tigray despite your ability to leave and flee to a safer place. I will never forget that you chose to stay, to sacrifice your lives each and every day to ease the suffering of others. I am honored to have met you all; you make me proud to be a human.

-Jamie Morris

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