The Soap for Hope Well

Today we visited the site location for the Jamison Soap Company well. Such a powerful experience, to think this idea became a reality and that I was able to come to Africa to see the site location was incredible!

This well will serve the people of the Limdi community.

They are sweet, kind and probably the shyest people we have met so far on our many visits to multiple villages over the past couple weeks.

I know this well will change their lives, and I am so grateful to all of you who supported me over the years with my soap company. I couldn’t have done this without you. To everyone who has ever bought soap from Jamison Soap Company, please know that you contributed to changing the lives of these sweet people, and that one day soon I will return here to capture their smiling faces, and to document the stories of their changed lives.

This well will overlook a beautiful valley with the spectacular view of a nearby mountain.

May the people of this community know a life less burdened by the struggles caused from the lack of basic water access; may their children spend more time in school and less time facing the daily dangers of water collection. 

May their mothers and fathers be at peace and free from the worries of their children’s health; and may all the children live to see far beyond their 5th birthdays….


May they shatter the statistics that currently plague their people, and may they never know a life destroyed by waterborne diseases again.

  • Executive Director, Susanne Wilson, playing with the local children.

    -Jamie Morris

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