To The community of Karcho

Thank you for rejuvenating me with your joyful, gracious spirit.

For what seemed like many days and many more miles, we had been traveling to visit, our soon to be, newest well beneficiaries. This meant that the people we were seeing each day were still suffering without basic water access. Many of them traveled for hours each day to retrieve water that wasn’t even clean. As a result, many of children were sick. The flies in these areas were horrifically insatiable and tormenting.

As you can imagine, I was rapidly approaching my first breakdown moment… to witness such suffering is beyond words.

We were to visit one final site on this day, the community of Karcho…

A few of the women and children took us to see their current water source. The treacherous hike to this source took us down (then up) a steep hill lined with cacti.

The pathway was barely wider than my shoulders, and to avoid slipping or being mangled by a cactus was an extreme challenge for me. I couldn’t imagine what the women and children went through each day trying to carry their 50lb jerry cans through this death trap, as I was barely managing to carry my camera.

After returning from the original water source and finally reaching the top of the hill again, I was on the brink of agony, really struggling to breathe at this point.

Suddenly, we were greeted by the most joyful singing and dancing. The children gathered together with the biggest smiles on their faces. The air filled with so much excitement and enthusiasm! Oh my, this was the jolt of energy I so desperately needed!

I felt completely revived by their love and gratitude. I will never forget how they saved me that day from a complete meltdown.

Their kindness and compassion carried me through the toughest times and through them I learned how truly influential people are and how much we need each other’s support.

I was so grateful for this moment and for them, they probably had no idea just how much it meant to me and how perfect their timing was.

Water to Thrive Executive Director, Susanne Wilson dancing with the local children.

I can’t wait to return one day and see their faces as they collect clean, safe water from their new well. A well which will be at the top of the hill, far from the treacherous cacti pathway, in a safe place, close to their homes.

-Jamie Morris

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