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Water to Thrive partners with International Lifeline Fund in Uganda

Over the past year, the world’s attention has been brought to the plight of the people in Northern Uganda in an unprecedented way. At Water to Thrive we count ourselves among the many people who have been inspired to learn more and help where we can.

For more than twenty years, the Lord’s Resistance Army waged the LRA War that terrorized the people of Northern Uganda. Millions of these people found themselves living in camps for internally displaced people (IDP camps). Thankfully, the conflict has ended and with the LRA no longer in the region, true development can begin. Since 2007, these people who spent so many years in the IDP camps have begun the steps to rebuild their lives in villages across Northern Uganda, but the process is slow and challenging. Among the greatest problems that they face in the midst of reconstruction efforts is a lack of access to clean, safe drinking water.

During this time of humanitarian and economic recovery, water remains a major issue. In Northern Uganda, 60% of people do not have access to clean water and across the entire country more than 22,000 children die each year from water-borne disease. (learn more) The people of Uganda are working hard to improve their situation, but they need help. Water to Thrive is partnering with International Lifeline Fund to work with communities in Northern Uganda to gain access to the all-important clean water that will change their lives.

International Lifeline Fund is a U.S. based organization that operates in Uganda (as well as other countries.) The ILF team is based in the northern city of Lira and is comprised of Ugandan water experts – men and women who know the land, the culture, and the best water development practices for sustainability. In the summer of 2012, Water to Thrive President, Dick Moeller, and board member, Lynne Dobson, traveled to Uganda to meet with ILF and visit their projects in the field. They had the opportunity to witness firsthand the ILF implementation model and the impact that it has on the communities where water development is happening.

It was clear to both Dick and Lynne that International Lifeline Fund would be a partner who would not only implement solidly constructed water wells, but would also implement the hygiene, sanitation, and maintenance training that Water to Thrive requires to ensure long-term sustainability of the projects. After learning more about the extensive need in the districts around Lira, a city that endured LRA violence, our whole team at Water to Thrive decided that this was an area where we wanted to affect change and that International Lifeline Fund was the best partner for us. We are happy to announce that we are currently kicking off this partnership with 10 shallow borehole wells in the Apac District near Lira. We look forward to implementing even more water wells with ILF in Uganda the coming years. We hope that you will consider joining us by helping to fund clean water development in this area where the need is so great.


For more information on Water to Thrive’s water work in Uganda or to sponsor a well, please get in touch with our team, at team@watertothrive.org.

For more information about the reconstruction efforts in Northern Uganda: http://northernuganda.usvpp.gov/recovery-process.html



Photos by Lynne Dobson

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Learn more about our implementing partner, International Lifeline Fund: http://www.lifelinefund.org/