The picture around Angels might be different from person to person, but the general consensus is that Angels are a special supernatural being charged by God to watch over and protect us. At Water To Thrive, we have a special group of wonderful people that watch over us, so to speak, and so we’ve dubbed them with the fitting title of “Water Angels”.

Now more than ever, donors are concerned with where exactly their money is going. A commitment we made early on was to be fully transparent and honest with our donation process so our contributors can give confidently, knowing that 100% of their financial donation toward water is going directly to water projects. However, every organization, whether a business or a nonprofit like W2T, has operational costs such as marketing, partnerships, fundraising, and in our case, travel to manage programs in the field. That money has to come from somewhere.

That’s where our Water Angels come in. Water Angels are a group of individuals who have committed to giving $1,000 or more each year specifically to help fund the organizational side of W2T. Oftentimes this generous donation is in addition to their financial giving toward building wells. We, in turn, work hard to keep administrative costs low. This group of people is so dear to us because not only are they invested in making change in the world, but they also stand behind the work that we’re doing here at W2T.

We understand that everyone isn’t in the position to make a $1,000 commitment every year, but may still want to help with our operational costs. Coming up on this year’s Giving Tuesday (Nov. 28th), we will be launching our brand new Drop by Drop campaign. This will be an ongoing fund to directly aid our operational expenses, and we will be seeking pledges of varying amounts from people who feel called to support W2T in this way. Giving Tuesday will be our chance to share this new campaign with you, as well as give everyone an opportunity to designate how they would like their donation to be used in a way we have not made available in the past. If you’re interested in contributing to operational costs outside of your normal well giving, make sure to visit come November 28th to give directly to the Drop by Drop Fund. You can also contact Susanne Wilson anytime at to inquire about becoming a Water Angel. We are incredibly grateful for all our current Water Angels and so many of you who continue to bless us in so many ways. Thank you!