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About the Campaign

We have been blessed with clean, pure water from a well that has been on this land for more than 50 years. Many are not so fortunate. Our cattle have access to cleaner water than many of the people living in some of the poorest countries in the world, like Uganda, Ethiopia, Tanzania, or the Central African Republic. We have reached an age where we no longer need birthday or Christmas gifts, but we would be most honored on those special days to know that a child could get a clean, safe drink of water.Please consider supporting our campaign to drill one new well in a community that desperately needs pure, safe, water for life.

Campaign Supporters

Anonymous Gift - $200.00
Anonymous gift - $25.00
Robert & Joy Sorensen - $50.00
Happy Birthday Joy
St. Paul Lutheran Church - $1,685.00
of Phillipsburg - Brenham
Robert & Joy Sorensen - $200.00
oleladydevine - $25.00
Belated Happy Birthday present.
From St. Paul Lutheran Church - $1,035.00
Lonnie and Barbara Tegeler - $100.00
In honor of Samuel White
St. Paul Lutheran Church - $480.00
St. Paul Lutheran of Phillipsburg - Brenham
St. Paul Lutheran Church - $425.00
From St. Paul Lutheran Church of Phillipsburg - members and friends. In honor of Samuel Magezi White.