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About the Campaign

Thank you for supporting Bethany’s campaign to raise funds to build one or more wells in Ethiopia, bringing clean water to those in need. Clean water is a life-sustaining resource that we have had all of our lives. If we were in Ethiopia however, chances are we would still be waiting for that blessing. We would watch our young girls walking 4-6 hours a day, forfeiting education, to bring home contaminated water. We would witness many of our small children die needlessly from dehydration or diarrhea. We want to change that by teaming up with Water to Thrive to build wells and change lives. For every $5,000 raised a well will be built that serves an average of 500 people for 20 years. Thank you Lord, for you have blessed us to give blessings.

Campaign Supporters

Jonathan Kern - $50
Clean water is such a basic human need. Having it is a huge improvement to the general health of a population. Public health measures in the USA are the bedrock of our ability to overcome disease. Antibiotics are high
Bethany Offering & Ladies Tea - $2513
Bethany Fundraising - $3683
Anonymous - $1250