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About the Campaign

When you read about the water conditions in Ethiopia and many other rural areas of Africa, it’s alarming. Children can’t even get an education because they are sent out everyday in search of water, dirty water at that, water that contains bacteria that can cause diseases, water that animals drink and bathe from. Can you imagine your child(ren) going without clean water or living in these conditions? No child should live like that!
My sweet friends, I know all of you have your charitable organizations that you have been called to help. I truly respect and appreciate that about each of you. I love how devoted and passionate each of you are for your cause. This is why I am sending this email to you. You all have so much love and desire to make a difference in this one world God created for us. We would just love to see W2Thrive get more support so that they may be able to continue their mission. I would also encourage each of you to check out Water to Thrives website. It forever changed our lives.

Campaign Supporters

California Pizza Kitchen - $101
Proceeds from the Barton Creek CPK
Barricks - $500
God Bless the Brown and Hissey families!
Anonymous - $25