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Goal $10000.00
36% to goal

About the Campaign

First, you need to know any money you contribute helps Water To Thrive. My trip, climb, is all paid. You’re not giving any money to me. It’s tax deductible to you. Second, I believe that one of the greatest gifts of a life is helping others. The fallout of this, is that we end up helping ourselves through life experiences and positive interactions, even if we don’t realize it at the time. I spent many years letting life live me. Now, I am living life. I am a single mom of three glorious children. They are the greatest gift of my life. I don’t believe in bucket lists. I believe in life lists. And, a life is defined by actions, not words. I want to show my children, students, and anyone who will listen, how glorious life is when we decide to act without regret, with love and fortitude.

I would be honored if you contribute to my campaign to help others live healthier lives with clean water.

I am thankful that I have never had to ask myself, “Is my water safe to drink?”

Clara Guzman Herrera
~finite but unbounded
“Don’t let trepidation inhibit you from achieving potential greatness.” CGH

Campaign Supporters

Streit Family - $100
Annie, Blair, Ayden, Luke and Zach - $100
Waldinger Family - $100
Mason, Amber, Eli & Oliver Ward - $50
What a great cause you are supporting - thank you! You are an inspiration. You are a super hero and you've got this! Wishing you all the peace and strength along the path. Big hugs, Mason, Amber, Eli, & Oliver
Anonymous - $500
Rooting for you climbing Kilimanjaro!
Max Bentley & Family - $25
Thank you for making the world a better place!
Joel Hinkhouse - $65
Good luck!!
Max and Wyatt Barnes - $50
God Speed and Climb High!
Anonymous - $100
Thanks for making the world a better place!
Anonymous - $100
Thanks for making the world a better place!
David Driggs - $50
Robin, CJ & Ryan López - $10
All our best!!!
Gregory Spradling - $50
Thank you for helping other people. You are a good teacher and a good person. Love your student, Gregory Spradling
Abigail and Emma Amoroso - $25
Good luck on your amazing adventure!
The Watts Family - $100
Anonymous - $50
Clara, you have my respect and best wishes on your amazing adventure! Wendy
Keira Mannion - $25
Good luck Ms Herrera you can do it!
Luke Brannon - $25
Ms. Herrera, I hope you have a good time climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro. I hope this will help bring water to Africa. Love, Luke Brannon (your former Hero!)
Lila Peris (and family) - $25
Good luck Mrs. Herrera! So awesome that you’re doing this. Can’t wait to see photos. 🌺
J. Vieira - $50
I love you, dear friend! You ROCK! Or should I say, "You CLIMB!" 😉
LuAnn V. - $10
Climb Clara Climb!
Crenshaw - $15
You do things that matter. Thank you for walking the walk to make the world better. Enjoy your adventure!
Anonymous - $50
Blessing to you and those you go and serve. Lifting you up in prayers.
Melessa Cowan - $50
Thank you Clara for your hard work and dedication to making our world a better place!
The Campsmith Family - $50
Clara, Keep climbing and doing great things to positively impacting your community and the world!
Kathryn Hopper - $50
Follow every rainbow 'til you find your dream!
Anonymous - $500
Anonymous - $50
We are excited for you!
Rennie and Ed Scharlau - $1000
With gratitude and prayers for a successful Kili Climb!
Marti Adair ~ in honor of Dr. Gerald Adair - $200
You are amazing! I look forward to hear all about your journey❤️
Anonymous - $50
You are an inspiration!!!! Looking forward to following your journey. Onward and upward!
Casey Slattery - $50