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About the Campaign

Recently having graduated from the University of Minnesota, Erik is pursuing his lifelong dream of becoming a sports reporter. Our Water to Thrive campaign can help other people pursue their dreams by building a clean water well for people who currently walk great distances for water and who must deal with waterborne illnesses. Just as Erik can now pursue his dream, with clean water closer to their homes, girls will go to school, women will own businesses and provide income for their families, communities will stay healthy.

Erik’s mentor, Carol Kaemmerer, is a longtime advocate for Water to Thrive. In thanks for the friendship, wisdom, and knowledge that her mentorship brings, we honor her in the building of this well.

Campaign Supporters

Gramma Hazel - $500
Congratulations Erik! Happy Graduation!! You've accomplished so much since I remember you crawling as an infant so fast and happy to see me when you heard my voice at your door. Enjoy your journalism career and keep following your dreams! Love, Gramma Hazel And, Thank You Carol for all of your efforts helping Erik start his career! Hazel
Kathy and Chuck Ehlers - $200
Congratulations, Erik, on achieving your career goals. We are so happy for you!
Mark and Marian - $250
Congratulations Erik and thank you for leading others in a very worthwhile cause.
Dana Lonn - $500
Congratulations on the start of the next phase of your life!
Tim Nelson - $1500
Congratulations Erik! You have worked so hard and done a great job at it. I'm so proud of you. Enjoy your amazing future! A sincere Thank You to Carol for your mentoring and support of Erik and your dedication to Water to Thrive. Your efforts are a blessing.
Jack and Kutzi Priest - $250
Nice going, Erik! And ... just heard about the Elk River newspaper position! Nice going, also, Carol. Congratulations all around: Erik, family, mentor,and friends!
Anonymous - $50
Erik, I'm so proud of all the hard work you have put into this career of yours, starting with opening duties at the Tin Fish all those years ago!! Well done! You deserve it. I hope you are proud of yourself!
Marti Priest - $1500
Erik, congratulations and blessings to you. I am so very proud of you and how hard you have worked to achieve your dream. Carol, thanks, blessings and so much love to you. Your friendship is steadfast, and you have shown so much love to our family. Blessings and love to the recipients of this clean water!
Bill Kaemmerer - $500
Congratulations, Erik, and thanks, Carol!